• Minimum of 99.5% pure Cyanoacrylate
  • Strong, clear, fast cure
  • Surface insensitive bonding
  • 600 cps viscosity- Light syrup thickness
  • Fast setting and curing


  • Strong, clear, fast cure
  • Surface insensitive formula
  • Absorbs into porous wood
  • 5 cps viscosity- Water Thin
  • Fast setting and curing

BOTH $4.00 each plus shipping

Slip on Tips

Use with Thin or Medium CA

Slips over standard nozzle

- Change tips when clogged to maintain precise control

Ideal for precise application

25¢ each + shipping

10 for $2.00

Stick Fast Activator

Great when gluing parts together with CA.

when you really need a quick bond.

Spray is super fine and works almost instantly

This is  4 oz can. A little goes a long way

$6.00 + shipping

Teflon sheets

Handy to have on your workbench. Especially when using CA glues. After too many times of having to pry a part off my bench I went to Teflon. I don’t work on it all the time just when, for example, I’m gluing a wall to the base with CA. Some glue is bound to leak out. No worries if you’re on Teflon, nothing sticks to this. 

Very Handy to have around!

$7.50 + shipping

Copic Markers

These are alcohol base stains. I have been using these quite extensively. I have done fairly large sheets of Clapboard siding and had NO WARPING!Useful also for individual pieces of strip of wood, touching up the ends of cut boards and a great companion to PanPastels. I have tried dozens of shades but found these four to be most useful.

W4, 5 & 6, three shades of a beautiful warm gray and N5, a really nice neutral gray.

$7.00 + shipping

Nail tool

NEW! A for real honest to goodness Nail tool. About 8 nail holes per inch, which looks great in 1/4" scale

$8.50 + shipping

Change-A-Tip Precision Tips

Quick change, positive locking, Bayonet Lock

4 precision tip sizes and storage cap

 Orange - 060, Grey- .047

Green- .033, Pink- .023

Plus White storage cap to seal the bottle

$2.00 per 6 pc set + shipping

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