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30 years of designing and manufacturing kits My goal has always been to produce imaginative and creative 1/4" scale structure kits of the highest quality. The kits are first released usually in early fall. They are limited production and sell out very fast. I do take reservations for upcoming products. NO deposit necessary,  just a firm commitment .

Factory/Annex & Jail now available on web site. PayPal buttons have been added

New WEB SITE - The web software I was using (Freeway Pro) couldn’t run on my new iMac. I had my old one for 11 years. So, I searched and searched for software I could use(and learn to use). I finally found “Sparkle”. One big change is the PayPal buttons are on the same page as the product. Hopefully everything is working!

PanPastels -What are PanPastels? Just the finest coloring product made. If you think you have tried pastels (sticks) or powdered colors, you haven't seen anything. These are best quality pastels made. Finely ground and packaged in a screw top container.. Apply with conventional brushes OR specially made tools, which I also carry along with 28 colors. Full sets can now be purchased via PayPal

CA  GLUE - I now carry Stick Fast Glue both thin and medium. I recently switched to using 1/16"MDF for the sub=structure of my kits. 1/16 plywood was getting to hard to get. The thin glues aren’t that effective on MDF but Stick Fast Med sure is. There is still a place for the thin CA so I carry them both. Even better they are only $4 per bottle

CA Glue Tips- I have 2 types. The first is your typical slip-on but these are so much better than any tips I have sold in the amazing quality and only 25cents each

Second is a set of tips. You get a cap to replace the one that is on the glue and 4 sizes of tips with a quick change, positive bayonet type lock. Can't come off and can't leak. You also get a tip that goes on in the same manner that completely seal the bottle. All 6 pieces for $1.50

Teflon Sheet You might ask what would I want that for? I have been using a Teflon sheet in some of my kit assembly. Especially when using CA glues. After to many times of having to pry a part off my bench I went with building some things on a teflon sheet. Particularly when, for example, I’m gluing a wall to the base with CA. some glue is bound to leak out. No worries if you’re on Teflon, nothing sticks to this. Very Handy to have around! A 15x10” sheet is only $7.50 and will last a long long time if you take care of it

Reserving a kit -Please send an email to reserve any kits. Don't forget to include your shipping address

How-to DVD Sill Available Generally, it will be an introduction to PanPastels and how I use them to color or weather my wood, metal, and plaster castings. More than that, it will also cover building a laser cut which includes hydra-cal walls, from start to finish

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