Welcome to the home of Stoney Creek Designs

My name is Roger Malinowski. Some years ago, I wrote a number of articles for the "NARROW GAUGE AND SHORT LINE GAZETTE," Had my On3 and my Sn3 layout featured in the Gazette. I did some kit manufacturing with a partner in the early 90's then in 1994 I decided to manufacture my own product line under the name of "STONEY CREEK DESIGNS."

My goal has always been to produce imaginative, creative 1/4" scale structure kits of the highest quality. The kits are first released at the "NATIONAL NARROW GAUGE CONVENTION." They are limited production and sell out very fast. I do take reservations for upcoming products. NO Deposit is necessary, just a firm commitment .

See any of 2018 kit pages for special offer

Whats up for 2018 Its been some time since I updated this info. I tore out my old layout and kind of got obsessed with getting the new one up and running. So, I accomplished that and now back to new products. By popular demand, I am continuing the Main Street Merchants theme with 3 new kits Tin Shop, the Market and the Book Store

PanPastels -What are PanPastels? Just the finest coloring product made. If you think you have tried pastels (sticks) or powdered colors, you haven't seen anything. These are best quality pastels made. Finely ground and packaged in a screw top container.. Apply with conventional brushes OR specially made tools, which I also carry along with 28 colors. Full sets can now be purchased via PayPal.

PanPastel Set for Beginners- Many of you have asked what colors I would recommend to get started. In response to that I now offer a "Starter Set"

Boiler Shed to Crossroads page  Freight cars and most Crossroads kits have been gone for a while now but I moved the Boiler Shed from last year into this category, so it will still be available.

On-Line Payments - PayPal buttons seem to be working perfectly. I can also take credit cards but not on-line. Would suggest you call with your card information

Reserving a kit -Please send an email to reserve any kits this year. The reserve links on this site are nothing more than an email links, they do not automatically reserve a kit for you when you click on it. IF the link doesn't open on your system, just send an email from whatever device you are using and tell me which kits you want to reserve. Don't forget to include your shipping address.

NEW PRODUCT I now carry the best kneaded eraser made. Perfect for anyone using PanPastels. Made by Faber Castell. Come in a plastic case to prevent it from drying out.

PayPal buttons. I hopefully have these corrected. The only ones that had trouble were the ones for corrugated roofing. I reconfigured these to two buttons. One for 8' wide sheets and one for 10'. There is a drop down menu to select what material you would like. They have worked on numerous test.

Attention Manufactures New supplier for laser material. Low prices, low minimums. Widths available are 24", 18" and 16". He just added some fabulous 1/6" (1.5mm) basswood plywood. See link on "Links page"

How-to DVD STILL AVAILABLE. Generally, it will be an introduction to PanPastels and how I use them to color or weather my wood, metal, and plaster castings. More than that, it will also cover building a laser cut which includes hydracal walls, from start to finish.