If you would like to purchase a full set of the 28 base colors, here's what you would receive.

all 28 PanPastels

2 Sofft tools each with 5 covers, 3 Sponge bars

custom printed color labels for each color

$175 value - $170.00


Purchase sets and SAVE, each set comes with, 1 Sofft Knife, 5 knife covers and a sponge bar.

Primary Colors, Earth & Stone, Rust & Corrosion, Dust and Soot,

Each set consist of 7 colors plus extras $44.00 

Individual Colors

list price $7.99 --SCD Price $5.75

Storage Box

Holds 7 containers of PanPastel

Laser cut - assembly required

One box 2.5"x 2"x 5.75" - $7.00

Kneaded Eraser

BEST eraser on the market

A must for anyone using PanPastels.

Comes in plastic case to keep soft - $3.00

Extra Lids

if you broke one OR purchased from another dealer who didn't supply them

$1.25 each"

Sofft Tool with covers

In addition to regular brushes these Sofft Tools are indispensable 

Available in four shapes, round, flat, oval and point

I knife of your choice with 5 covers - $3.50

Extra Sponge Covers

No need to buy another Sofft Tool- package of 10 covers - $4.00

Sponge Bars

Very useful for large areas

Point, Wedged and Round. - Package of three like sponges - $3.75

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