Stoney Creek in On30

The old layout is completely gone. I decided it looked good, photographed well but that was about it. I once attempted to start wiring for DCC and that was a nightmare. So much so I just stopped working on the layout. I also had so many changes in elevation, I need lots of retaining walls, stone cuts etc, which all took real estate I could have used for structures. Since structures are my true modeling love I decided on the plan shown below. Not much, if any, stone work and now that I switched to dead rail, NO WIRES! And more importantly room for more buildings


Here is the final track plan. Had this printed full size at Staples, then I transfered all info to the surface of the foam. I'm using Micro EngineeringOn30 Code 83 flex track and turnouts. Well, with 3 exceptions. I wanted all turnouts to be hand thrown but there would be 3 that would be difficult to reach. So I decide on Blue Point controllers with a push/pull knob on the facia. Then I found the throw bars on the ME were way too fragile. So at those 3 locations I'm using Light Iron #6 turnouts.. The track sits on Cascade Rail Supply "Homabed"