Individual colors are $5.75 each

7 piece sets listed above (i.e. Dust & Soot) come with one Sofft Tool w/5 covers, one Sand Bar and colored labels for pans - $44.00 per set

Starter set and Loco set are colors selected from the 28 base colors

Full set of 28 “Base Colors” comes with 2 Sofft Tools w/covers, 3 Sponge Bars and labels - $170.00

Sofft Tools, Pointed, Oval, Flat and Round are $3.50 each and come with 5 removable applicators

Sponge Bars, Wedge, Point and Round are $3.75 and come three to a pack

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You can order Individual colors OR save and order as a set and receive a number of extras

I have done my best to show the colors as they actually are but there are limits to doing so with a personal computer and the web.